Evaluation criteria for companies on the lists:

The companies on the lists are assessed on the basis of objective criteria and no other criteria are taken into account. However, as the operator of this site, we cannot accept any responsibility for the work of the companies listed.

The principles of analysis are:

  1. Does your agency have more than 1 person? (We believe that businesses with one person cannot fully meet the needs of their clients) 1 point

  2. Is the agency larger than 5 people? (Above this number, agencies must use systems. And using systems increases the quality of their work.) 1 point

  3. Has the agency made a profit according to its previous annual accounts? (Without a profit, a company’s operation is unsustainable in the long term) 1 point

  4. How long has the agency been on the market? If more than 1 year. 1 point

  5. How long has the agency been on the market? If more than 5 years? 1 point

  6. What are the agency’s Google and Facebook ratings? If it is better than 4 stars on average. 1 point

  7. The agency has more than 10 Google and Facebook reviews. 1 point

  8. Agency has more than 50 Google and Facebook reviews. 1 point

  9. If the text length of Google and Facebook reviews is more than 10 characters per review, at least 80% of the reviews. 1 point

  10. Agency publishes 3 clients who can be contacted on agencyfinder.com, so you can check the quality of the agency’s work. 1 point

You can collect a total of 10 points. The points earned are divided by 2 to give the final score for the 5-star mark.

Point deduction:

  1. If critical for the company network (HIGH RATE OF RELATED COMPANIES)? -1 point